Holiday Club

Club Logo Stalham Churches Holiday Club 2017

For 2017 the theme was "Deep C Rescue". This focused on Christ (The BIG C) as the light of the world AND the new life he offers us all. He rescues us. We had to rescue our crew members by telling Bible stories, singing songs and praying.

Fifty five children came throughout the week. Pop-Up Café met Holiday Club on Thursday when we had a barbecue (in glorious sunshine despite the weather forecast!) Lots of craft activities and games were enjoyed too.

Millie's Picture
We found Captain Barbara in The Broads at Stalham. She told the Creation story – God made light and gave us life! (Genesis Chapter 1) Above, you see us singing one of our songs.
Cabin crew member Ellie was located on a volcanic, tropical island. She told the story of Gideon that included lighted torches and freedom for the people of Israel. (Judges 6 to 8.) Maureen led “hook a duck prayers.”

Millie's picture shows some of the submarine crew, who had to be rescued and the activities undertaken during the week.

The Volcanic Island Hook A Duck Prayers
Jenny, the navigator, emerged from the baptistery ready to survive in polar weather. Jesus healed Bartimaeus – he saw the light and gained new life too! (Mark 10)
Pengins An Artic Rescue
Dressed in a chef’s outfit Jerry was found in the desert (no, not dessert!) Saul was blinded, but got back his sight (and his whole life was changed for the better) when God used Ananias to help him. (Acts 9)
Pengins An Artic Rescue

We hope to see lots of our rescuers back next year!