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Club Logo Stalham Churches Holiday Club 2019

Our theme this year was "Superfruits - Nine a day". We focused on God filling us with good things – the fruits of His Spirit.

We listened to Bible stories, sang songs – a lovely one by Pat and another from YouTube. (Both are good ways to remember the fruits, though the second is rather an “ear worm”!)

We also did lots of craft activities, played some excellent games, prayed – and ate fruity refreshments.

Here's that Youtube video...

Fifty eight children came throughout the week. Under 5s with Mums, Dads and Grandparents had fun too! Pop up café met Holiday Club on Wednesday AND we had a BBQ on the Thursday evening at the Youth Club on the Recreation Ground.

Thanks to Paul – and all the Holiday Club helpers. Here's more about each day...

List of Fruit
We heard how God helped Abraham to be PATIENT and wait for his son Isaac who then was one of Jesus' great, great, great……… grandads.
Richard told us a story about Jesus healing a paralysed man – he was full of JOY when that happened. He also showed us that joy can stand for putting Jesus first, Others second and Yourself third.
The children made a bottle top apple with Vicky's help. Another group led by Alan and Sheena made a Fruits of the Spirit tree.
Jenny helped us understand FAITHFULNESS telling us the story of the important general, Naaman, who had a nasty skin disease. His wife’s maid (a young girl) trusted our God (different from who Naaman worshipped) and told Naaman about God and His prophet Elisha. The girl was faithful to God – and when Naaman overcame his stubbornness and sense of self importance he was healed! (Read the full story in 2Kings:5.)
The Popup café was at Holiday Club too – yummy!
The JOY Apple Pop-Up Café's Food
Jerry (and friends) acted out the story of the GOOD Samaritan – he was KIND even to someone who would normally have acted in a racist way to him. Well done Samaritan (and Jerry for getting two fruits in the same story as well as ending up covered in flour and ketchup!) Jerry as the Samaritan
We all had the chance to use ketchup at the yummy BBQ.

Barbara says she had a lovely time and hopes everyone else did too.

If you couldn’t come this year do look out for HC 2020 next August.

Isabelle drew picture of all the activites that happened at Holiday Club. (Thanks Isabelle)

Isabelle's Holiday Club Summary

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