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We don't expect this page to be the most popular on the site. Who's got half an hour to put aside these days, to listen to some old preacher drone on?

Let's face it, the Bible was written 2,000 years ago and goes on about the Romans, carpenters, separating sheep from goats and there's not a single word about newspapers, radio, TV, the web or social media. Stuff that's all around us these days. What relevance has the Bible today?

That's where Ron and Jerry's sermons can help. Ron doesn't just quote from the Bible. He explains the circumstances in which its various books were written. You'll find out why the stories about masters and servants appear and who Levites, Pharisees and Samaritans were and who they represent in the modern world. In short, he puts it all in context and shows how the Bible's message applies today. And, as often as not, he delivers that message with self deprecating good humour, that is, if he remembers to turn on the microphone that is used to record these messages.

Also, Ron's sermon's are often part of a series. If you have to miss a service through sickness, holidays, or any other reason, we plan that you should be able to visit this page to listen to any you've missed.

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