Church Diary

Below is our Church Diary. You'll find events listed that take place in our church, in the neighbourhood and, sometimes, further afield.

Downloadable Guides for using the diary can be found below. The diary is a new feature on the site. It relies on multiple people to keep the information up to date. Please if there's an event missing or incorrect information and we'll do our best to find the right person to put things right!

We offer two guides for users of the diary:

Navigation Guide
The Diary has many features you may not realise exist on a first visit. This guide explains some tricks and tips to find your way quickly to the information you may need.
Updater's Guide.
If you have been authorised to maintain some aspect of the diary then this provides the guidance you need to ensure you follow booking guidelines and take full advantage of all the special features of the diary, such as automatically emailing your members with reminders of dates or notifications of cancelled meetings and providing posters or application forms for people to download.